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Wireless network

The access to the CIRM’s wireless network is now provided via a personal authentication key. This key will remain active only during your stay at the center.

A week before your arrival at Cirm, you will receive a message whose sender will be « Aerohive Networks » and whose object will be « Login Credentials« . Here you will find your authentication key.

Warning: this a personnal key. You must not communicate it to any other person. However, you can use it on all your mobile devices (5 max).

Once you have arrived at Cirm, select the wireless network « CIRM » from your mobile device and then enter your authentication key.
You will no longer have to re-authenticate yourself during your stay at Cirm.

If you have lost or forgotten to save the authentication key, you will always be able to retrieve a provisional code from the tablet located at the reception in the « Bastide » building. However, it will be necessary to come to the reception during opening hours, to ask for your key to access the wireless network.

You must have an « eduroam » account to use the eduroam wireless network. If you do not have one and you want to connect, you will find information about eduroam here.

Note that from wireless network the printer is enabled but is not from « eduroam » network.